A FA Cup Final victory is a must on Saturday
16 May 2018 | Posted by: admin | Categories: news

Chelsea’s last hope to reach the Premier League’s fourth spot ended up on smoke against Huddersfield and Newcastle over the last week. The 1-1 draw against Huddersfield Town and the 0-3 loss against Newcastle condemned Chelsea to play in the Europa league and Thursday evening European matches. There was to be no repeat of the 2003 season when we beat Liverpool to get into the top four and Champions League football when Jesper Gronkjaer (remember him) scored a scintillating goal that propelled us on a path to glory and the Roman Empire.



To reflect on the season would be futile. We were simply not good at all, from the Board to the Manager to the Players and we did not deserve to be in the top four. We might lose Conte, Hazard and Courtois in the Summer and we might as well get rid of a few players who simply did not perform or were ignored by Conte. What we do know is, we simply cannot have a repeat of this season again. If we do get a new manager, we need to buy players that will lift the general play of others and challenge Manchester City for the title.



Come hell or high water we also need to win Saturday’s FA Cup final against Manchester United. Losing the final for the second year in a row is simply not acceptable. Can we get the team over the line? Do you have it in you to even feel excited about the final? From what we have read online and our social media pages, it does seem no one is giving us a chance to win. We are the underdogs for Saturday’s final.


Wherever you are watching the final – I am sure the supporters club leaders will be providing some free drinks to you all. GO ON CHELSEA…#KTBFFH


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