Fans favourite son Frank Lampard becomes Chelsea’s new manager
05 Jul 2019 | Posted by: admin | Categories: news

As expected #SuperFarnkieLampard is back at Chelsea as the new manager for the next three years after a long drawn out process of appointment. Fans all over the world went gaga went the news was announced. In his first press conference as Chelsea manager on Thursday, 4 July 2019, he said: “This is the one club that made my decision to come here easy. I was playing here for 13 years, the possibility to manage this club was huge in my decision to come here.”


Lamps at the Bridge

“I am very aware of what this job entails coming here. I understand the pressure of being here. I am a realist. I know what the club wants from me coming here. I know how this club works,” he said. “We have a lot of work to prepare for this coming season,” he said. Joining Frank will be his trusted friend, and former Chelsea player and academy coach, Jody Morris, Chris Jones, former Chelsea player Eddie Newton (who assisted Roberto di Matteo in 2012/2013) and Joe Edwards. With Petr Cech already back home – this coming season would see academy and experienced players forming a new team under Lampard. “My idea is to work with the best squad and we want to play Champions League football year in and year out. We want to compete in every competition, ” he said.

Lamps and Abramovich

“Everybody knows I love this club,” Lampard said. My playing career is done. Coming here 19 years ago as a player was a challenge. I am really going to work very hard as a manager,”┬áhe said.


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