Loss against Spurs could spark a revival
26 Nov 2018 | Posted by: admin | Categories: news

Chelsea played on/ e of their worst matches under Sarri when they faced arch rivals Spurs at Wembley on Saturday losing 3-1. If we won the match it would have been 12 games unbeaten under Sarri, sadly it was not to be. The warning signs have been there for a while, and Everton showed every other team playing against us, that if you prevent Jorginho from playing Chelsea would be ripe for the picking.


On Saturday, it came to fruition and the tide could not be stopped (barring if the referee pitched up for the match) as he missed two blatant penalties for Hazard. With Jorginho under pressure, Chelsea looked ordinary. It has been clear for a while, we need Kante in his favoured position – the Makalele position with Jorginho in a little more advanced position. Judging from the fans backlash here and abroad, it looked like we have lost every game this season and the anger and abuse was long overdue/ Football under any new manager will take time. Learning Sarri’s methods will take time and like Pep’s first season in the Premier – he lost several games before his team could play his kind of game.

It’s Europa League on Thursday at the Bridge and we can put the Spurs loss behind us. A top four in the league is still on and finishing higher than 3rd at this moment would be bonus. Remember Conte’s first season in charge when we loss 3-0 to Arsenal. Anything is still possible.

Should Kante play his old position? Should Giroud start or should Odoi play in the striker role? Should Barkley start the big matches? Should we use Moses on the right flank/wing again? Let us know…rumour has it Fabregas, Christensen and Cahill might leave for AC Milan in the January window – what do you think? Share your thoughts with us.

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