The Fans

Comments from Club Supporters on how they got involved in the club and why they support this great Football Club

I recall vaguely the events of how we started here in Johannesburg. It was about 1994/5 and I had a few Chelsea friends around and we heard that some Chelsea fans were meeting at The Supersport Cafe at the Randburg Waterfront. We started to watch the games there and a growing crowd developed as word went out that we had a club and more and more games were shown LIVE. We got a few plugs from the presenters on Supersport and as numbers grew further, we changed venue several times. It is now a big part of our social lives and many strong friendships outside of the club surroundings have been formed between many members. We have had up to 80-100  in numbers for various recent finals at The Keg and Filly in Sunninghill but an average attendance is around 20-30 people. Matthew Kretzmer

I first heard about the club when John Slabber managed to get it announced by the Supersports team, I think it was Gary Bailey, on their TV show.  It gave John’s telephone number so I called him and joined the club. Like John and a lot of other Chelsea fans we all thought we were probably the only ones around so it was good to meet other Chelsea fans to watch the games which, is one of the reasons I joined.  John will be able to give you the date but I think it was about 14 years ago, 1994, after we were narrowly beaten in a Wembley cup final. Bill Fussell

I have a good friend who happens to be a Newcastle fan. He used to reside in Monte Vista, and had the good sense to have a Chelsea supporter as his neighbour. The Chelsea supporter was Ralph Krull who at that time belonged to the SA Chelsea Supporters Club; this was way back in 1996. Ralph called me up and the rest as they say is history! Grant Willis

I work in the area of the V&A Waterfront and Mitchell’s was our local for an after work drink. I was outside one day with a Chelsea lanyard on and Tom Purcell came up to me and said “Oi mate are you a Chelsea fan?”. I told him how much a fan I was and showed him my tattoo the rest is history & I do my best to make every game. Rob Creaser

Via the official CFC website at the time where the SA club is listed and I joined to spend quality CFC time with like-minded supporters. Tom Purcell

I was watching a sports programme on TV when Gary Bailey said something like “I have been asked to see if there are any Chelsea supporters out there, which I doubt, but in case there is another one, contact John Slabber at this number”. Well up until then I had always believed I was the only one in SA, so I was quite shocked to hear there was a John Slabber who was also a supporter. I ‘phoned John and he later contacted me to meet up with him at the M-Net offices one Saturday afternoon.  I attended the first meeting of what was to become the Chelsea Supporters Club of SA and am quite proud to call myself a “founder member”. Why did I join?  Well I had been supporting CFC since I was a schoolboy in England in 1958, so there was a “calling”. Roger King

I first heard about the supporters club via the Chelsea FC website and was directed to John Slabber in the late 1990s. I phoned him but could not meet up with them for a number years, as I traveled a lot. I eventually met and joined the group at Mitchell’s Brewery and I am happy as ever. Julian A. Jacobs

Purely by chance. I was at Cape Town railway station and one of the employees was wearing a Chelsea cap – immediately I zoomed in and started chatting to him – he turned out to be a member of the Supporters Club and invited me to the Pub. Why Chelsea? The team is studded with African players who have become the heroes of many little boys in Africa and around the world. An aspiring awareness has been created amongst them and something that these boys can look up to and even achieve someday. Nazeema du Plessis

As at the time of Zola’s skills and club football attracted me to the club I was watching games with a friend of mine (ARSENAL SUPPORTER). We watched at the Grand West Casino where I bumped into Chris Hellings, aka PAPPA. I proudly wore my Chelsea shirt and was spotted by him. He asked me whether I knew of the supporters club’s existence. He invited me to the TULBAGH where I found a new home and new family. To all the guys that have been there for me over the years “THANK YOU” I have never looked back (WIN OR LOSE) and don’t regret finding my place in the SA CHELSEA SUPPORTERS CLUB. Keep the Blue Flag flying high. Craig Arries