Three Chelsea legends have retired from football this year
26 Nov 2018 | Posted by: admin | Categories: news

The names of John Terry, Joe Cole and Didier Drogba will forever be attached with Chelsea Football Club. Each one of them have call it a day on club football, each are multiple cup winners, each one of them have been immortalised into our collective memory as Chelsea supporters.

john-terry lifting EPL trophy

Thank you John, Joe and Didier for the memories, the elation, the heartache, the joy, the ectasy, the hurt and love. You eased the gloom, you made us dream, believe and fall in love with the game. You made us serial winners, you made us want more. You were courageous, class, tenacious, strong and above all else, you were one of us.

joe cole
dd 2

Thanks for the memories!

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