We have history too…

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But to have a historic view of Chelsea Supporters Club South Africa’s own history read the following diary entry below:




The story begins…

A Mr John Slabber is sitting viewing the TV in his three bedroomed house in Plumstead. It is the FA Cup Final and the increasingly unpopular Manchester United is taking on the glamour boys of London, Chelsea FC. All is going well until the Manchester United fully paid up the referee, David Elleray is required to assert his authority, as Chelsea are threatening to win the Cup. A few dubious decisions later, sees Manchester United (known by their correct name of Scum United from now on) take the cup 4 – 0. Mr Slabber is distraught, his family and work suffer immensely and he seeks revenge. Mr Slabber decides to form his own Chelsea supporters club, and he goes on a recruitment campaign. He recruits the following: Arthur Botha, a successful businessman with a lovely home in Penhill. Arthur, unfortunately, is hopelessly addicted to Chelsea, so much so that his lounge resembles the Megastore. John also signs Bill Fussel at his age he should know better, but the addiction is too severe. Bill became the Legend by virtue of the fact that he had seen Chelsea win the league in 1955, something the rest of us youngsters had not. Grant Wilson lived near Slabber so he was doomed! Roger King, was by day a fairly respected Financier, by night and Saturday afternoon a vociferous supporter of the cause. It is no surprise that he became known as The Voice. John also recruited

Ralph Krull, who happened to be in the wrong pub at the wrong time, Slabber nailed him. Bacon Senior and Bacon Junior attended the initial gatherings but faded from the scene.

Sat 9 Dec

My first game where we beat The Stripey Bastards 1-0, the venue was 1820 Settlers. I could have burnt my fingers on the ironing board located at the back of the lounge. (yes lounge, Purcell would have hated it!)


Sun 7 Jan
FA Cup 3rd drew with Stripey Bastards 1-1, venue Marist.

Sun 31 Mar

FA Semi Final lost to Scum 1-2, venue Marist. The Legend’s famous final whistle salute happened. Controversy still rages whether it was one finger or two finger salute, what is certain is that he then exited and was not seen until the start of the new season. The Voice was also upset, I tried reassuring him that there was always next season, he said that we always say that (note we did win the thing the next season).

Sat 11 May

FA Final, Scum 1 Scousers 0, venue Ralph’s at Monte Vista.

Sat 20 July

A social event which took place at Arthur Botha’s house in Penhill.

Here we viewed old Chelsea videos, braaied, had loads to drink and got pissed. Grant Wilson called ex-player Kevin Wilson a prat!

Sat 23 Nov

League, drew with Stripey Bastards 1-1, venue 1820 Settlers.

The notable absentee was The Legend having suffered a mild heart attack whilst dragon boat racing!


Sat 26 Jan

FA Cup 4th, beat the Scousers 4-2 in a famous victory, venue 1820 Settlers. One drawback of the venue was its very small carpark, this could possibly have been the time The Voice had a wee bit of trouble exiting the carpark!

Tues 25 Feb

Kind of Committee meeting regarding venue (yes problems with venues in them days). We possibly met at Marist, where we were informed that we were no longer welcome. Some tosser had refused to take his cap off in the bar, and the old boys weren’t happy with that. Think they were just pissed off with us taking over!

Also at this time, the 1820 Settlers venue (just across the road from Marist) ceased to host us. I think they changed ownership, and we didn’t fit in the expat’s tea parties!

Wed 26 Feb

FA Cup 5th, beat “and Leicester” 1-0. This was Erland’s famous surging run where er … a trip in the box gave us a penalty, game over. Game over at 1.00am thanks to extra time, venue Supersport Bar, Tygervalley. Unfortunately, this venue burnt down before we got kicked out!

Sat 9 Mar

FA Cup 6th beat Pompey 4 – 1, venue The Greek Club, Green Point. (good venue can’t get kicked out for breaking plates)

Sun 16 Mar

League, thrashed Sunderland 6 – 2, venue The Royal Navy Club, Diep River.

Sun 13 Apr

FA Semi –  beat the Wombles 2 – 0, venue The Tavern n Ale, Diep River.

Sat 17 May

F.A Cup Final we beat Boro 2 – 0, venue Rockefellas, Montague Gardens, big crowd for us, at least 50. Celebration at Ralph’s afterwards. Not if we saw the 3rd game, but from then on each round was viewed at a different venue!

Sun 8 June

Posed with the FA Cup trophy at the Sports Café, Waterfront.

Sun 3 Aug

Charity Shield Final lost to bloody Scum on penalties, venue N1 City.

Sun 24 Aug

League, thumped Barnsley 6 – 0, or rather Luca Vialli did, he scored 4! A significant moment in the history of the Chelsea Cape Town club viewed the first half at the now-defunct Cortina Tequilla (or something like that) in Main Road, Rondebosch, the second half at Rygersdal Club over Belmont Bridge. The Cortina didn’t become defunct at halftime if memory serves correct the reception was shit (on the TV and in the bar).

Fri 12 Dec

Dinner at Pirates in Plumstead, think this introduced Roger Pinfold to the club.

Mon 29 Dec

League, lost to the Saints 0 – 1, The River Club, Obs.


Sun 4 Jan

FA 3rd, humiliated by Scum 3 – 5 (0 – 5 down at one point), venue The River Club (never went back there again)

Sun 1 Feb

Rosenberg v Lilliesstroom, mid-season Norwegian friendly played at Green Point stadium. Starring for Rosenberg, the great Erland Johnsen, who came over to chat with us. After this view a bit of the local derby, Cape Town Spurs v Somebody, where a member of the crowd enthusiastically chanted “ Jou Ma Se … something or other”. Possibly the equivalent of our celery ditty.

Wed 18 Feb

League Cup SF, defeated the Gooners 3 – 1. This was the day after hearing the Vialli had replaced Gullit, we were in such a state of shock we choose two venues to view, The Slug and Lettuce, Table View for the Northern lads, and Rascals, Kenilworth for the er Southern lads. Grant Wilson was so shocked he announced he was returning to the UK.

Sun 29 Mar

League Cup Final, another 2 – 0 over Boro, again at Rockefellas.

Wed 13 May

Euro Cup Winners Cup, beat Stuttgart 1 – 0, again at Rockefellas, the cup final venue.

Wed 9 Sept

League, drew with the Gooners, 0 – 0, venue Rascals used by all this time.

Wed 11 Nov

League Cup 4th, hammered Gooners 5 – 0, Rascals. Viewed despite distractions from a distraught Gooner who turned his shirt inside out and claimed he supported Hibernian, and from a young lady who walked into tables rather than avoiding them. She was christened Miss Dodgem. Van Doorn was most put out when he offered his assistance and was told to “cough off”.

Sat 19 Dec

League, beat Spurtz 2 – 0 to go top of the log. We viewed the game at a pub called “Billy’s On The Boulevard”, owned by Billy Beukes, in Monte Vista, near Fruit & Veg. He sold the pub in about 2001 and the new owner renamed it JAWS.  It’s still there today.

Tues 29 Dec

League, drew with Scum 0 – 0, venue Rascals. A contingent of Norwegians viewed with us and cheered “Fleeeeew” every time Tore Andre got near the ball. They wanted me to give them a lift back, I was tempted as half of them were blonde, but nine wouldn’t fit in the Corsa! Actually half of the blondes were male so it was just as well!

We also used the Slug and Lettuce for a while when it was owned by Chris Armstrong and the Fox and Hound in Bothasig, until they gave preference to a Springbok rugby game instead of our beloved CFC.

The Fireman’s Arms: again a problem with Springboks and “One Hellings Pizza”.

A pub called Kronendal in Hout Bay, where the barman pulled out my number (10) for the air-ticket one New Years Day. I think it was yet another loss to the Gooners. Uncle Cyril joined us. We met there twice on New years days with the Mowatts coming down from Durban to watch the one match.


Sat 9 Jan

League, beat the Stripey Bastards 1–0, venue Slabber’s house.

Sat 13 Feb

FA 5th, beat the Owls 1–0, venue Rascals, attendance two and a half! That record was achieved by Van Doorn, my eldest son and myself!

Sun 7 Mar

FA 6th, drew with Scum 0-0, venue: The Royal Oak, Table View.

Sat 13 Mar

League, classic Chelsea, lost to the Hammers at home in the dying minutes. Viewed at Rascals. My son was impressed by Chris Armstrong’s reception skills, after the Hammers goal went in, Chris’ phone went off, he answered by saying, “whoever you are, f… off”, whilst walking out the pub his phone rang again and this time he used a bit of variety saying “you can stick your West Ham up … (think you know the rest). Legendary stuff!

Sun 18 Apr

League, drew at home with Leicester 2 – 2, the venue was the Tulbagh and this was possibly the first time this pub was utilised. The Tulbagh was to become our home for many an occasion.

Wed 26 May

Champs League Final, lucky bloody Scum sneaking through against Bayern Munich, venue The Royal Oak. A few of us went along with a big Bayern flag. Tea and sympathy at the Legend’s afterwards.

Potted History Part II will follow…

Suffice to say…we have grown in membership since these early days and have been frequenting numerous other pubs and venues across South Africa…over the last decade.

Since the heady old days of the 1990s – our supporters club has grown in stature, numbers and today you see Blues supporters meeting in strange places. The Blue Army is growing in South Africa and we love it.

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